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Christmas gifts for the fly tyer Vision Aid magnifying glasses with LED Light.

These come with five separate lenses x 1, X 1.5, X 2. x 2.5 and x 3.5 that come in a protective case and just clip on and off a central position. The head set isn’t adjustable but fits all. They can be worn as traditional glasses, over your own prescription glasses if needed, or they also come with a elasticated head band, that will fit all sizes if the frames are too small. 

magnifying glasses lenses for fly tying

There is a very bright single LED light, with two different settings, bright and super bright. You also get a USB charger for the light that plugs into the right side of the frames. All this come in a very nice little hard bodied cordura case with a lens cloth

If you struggle with your sight or magnifiers when you are tying and wish to improve your tying, these will do it overnight!! You can see every single wrap of thread, the very slightest mistake and then some! They are not expensive and seem very robust.

Vision Aid magnifying glasses with LED Light info:

Vision Aid magnifying glasses case

HANDS FREE LIGHTED MAGNIFIER WITH A STORAGE CASEVisionAid headset comes with 5 magnification lenses 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x, rechargeable LED Light, regular temples and an interchangeable elastic head strap. The Protective Storage Case keeps your VisionAid Safe and Clean so you can enjoy its benefits longer, is great for travelling and makes a beautiful gift!

CLEAR & SHARP VISION WITHOUT EYE STRAIN – Distortion-free optical grade lenses allow you to see small details clearly. The built-in LED Light has 2 brightness modes and boosts visibility relieving pressure from your eyes. The LED light lasts for 4-5 hours if you use it non-stop. Recharges fully within 40 minutes with the USB cord included in the set. Read a book in bed without disturbing the person next to you!

MAKES DETAIL WORK & FIDDLY TASKS EASYVision Aid head magnifier provides ideal magnification for close work : Hand Embroidery, Jewelry making, Miniature painting, Scale model, Eyelash extensions, Nail painting, Fly tying, Electronic repair, Sewing, Cross stitch, Crochet, Painting by Numbers, Diamond Painting, Reading. People with macular degeneration also find VisionAid useful for reading books and looking at small print on pill bottles.

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLEVisionAid headset weighs only 3 oz and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time . Allows you to keep your hands free to work on your projects more productively. No more bulky or hand-held magnifiers that take up space and are difficult to use. Order your VisionAid now and start enjoying your hobby without eye fatigue!

WEAR OVER PRESCRIPTION GLASSES FOR EXTRA MAGNIFICATION – because VisionAid is lightweight you can comfortably wear it on top of your prescription eyeglasses. For example, you can use the 1x magnification lens of VisionAid in combination with your regular eyeglasses to zoom in extra and see the smallest prints on medicine bottles clearly and without eye strain while keeping your favorite prescription glasses.

fly tyer Vision Aid magnifying glasses with LED Light

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