Kinermony Killer salmon fly pattern by Barry Ord Clarke

Kinermony Killer salmon fly pattern

Another popular hair wing salmon fly, this time tied flame thrower style.

The KK as it is also known is typical of the modern European hair wing patterns.

You can also tie it in its original style with a over wing of black Arctic runner.

Kinermony Killer pattern

  • Hook: Mustad Heritage DL71UAP # 8
  • Tying thread: Sheer 14/0 Red
  • Tag: Oval silver tinsel
  • Rear body: Silver holographic tinsel
  • Body hackle 1: Yellow
  • Front body: Black floss
  • Rib: Silver wire
  • Wing: Orange , Yellow and black buck tail
  • Flash: Pearl crystal hair
  • Body hackle 2: Orange
  • Over wing: Black buck tail
  • Hackle 3: Blue
  • Head: Red

How to tie Kinermony Killer fly

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