CdC May fly tied by Marc Petitjean

CdC May fly with Marc Petitjean

Heres the second part of the MP CdC tutorial. Where Marc Petitjean is tying one of his great CdC may flies. This is not only an extremely quick and easy pattern to tie but also a very effective fishing pattern, as Marc proved to me while fishing the river Trysil here in Norway. In the first part of the course that I published earlier, I flipped all the images for right hand tyers, but with Marc being left handed I thought I would keep this tutorial as tied by Marc for all you left handed tyers out there.

Petitjean Swiss-Vise Master, tying tool set and all Petitjean fly tying materials used are Marc’s own and are available from Ed’s Fly Shop


Secure your dry fly hook in the vice, making sure the hook shank is horizontal.


Attach your tying thread and cover the hook shank back towards the hook bend.


Chose a nicely marked Coq de Leon hackle for the may fly tail.


Remove a small bunch of Coq de Leon fibers and tie in for the tail. The tail should be about the same length as the hook shaft.


Now tie in the tip of a CdC hackle. You can see the technique for this in the MP CdC tutorial # 1. Twist the hackle once.


With every wrap of the hackle on the hook shaft make one twist of the hackle. If you twist too much without wrapping the hackle will break.


Continue wrapping and twisting as you cover the hook shank with the mayfly body.


Once you have covered the whole body of the may fly tie off the CdC hackle, about 5 mm behind the hook eye.


Once the hackle is tied off, trim off the excess hackle.


Your may fly body should now look like this!


With a pair of fine straight scissors trim off the CdC fibers from around the body.


Once trimmed you should have a fine tapered segmented may fly body as shown.


Now take three CdC hackles of similar length. The colour is up-to you but mixing three different makes a very nice subtle wing colour effect. Place them in a MP magic tool. You can see the technique for this in the MP CdC tutorial # 1.


Split your tying thread to make a dubbing loop.


Now place the CdC in the dubbing loop. You can see the technique for this in the MP CdC tutorial # 1.



Spin the bobbin to form the CdC dubbing brush.


With every wrap of the dubbing brush collect all the fibers and hold them up on top of the hook shank.


Once you have wound on the whole dubbing brush tie off behind the hook eye.


Make a whip finish.


Once you have whip finished remove the tying thread.


Turn the vice up side down and trim away the CdC fibers on the underside of the body, while holding the whole wing collected.



Return the vice to the original position and trim the very top of the wing fibers horizontally.


Now turning your vice up side down again, brush all the wing fibers downwards and trim as shown diagonally towards the tail base.


And there you have it! The finished MP may fly dun.

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