Petitjean CDC – The book

The long awaited book ‘Petitjean CDC’ that Marc and I have been working on for seven years, had its launch at the weekend at BFFI. As with everything else that Marc gets involved with, the book is beautifully designed and a joy to use. Each step by step page is a wealth of information, with required materials and tools for each pattern, step by step instruction, tying difficulty level. Each pattern is photographed from four different angles, side, above, under and forward, giving you detailed information on each fly. Each chapter is colour coded so you can finger your way … Continue reading Petitjean CDC – The book

Marc Petitjean explains the Swiss Vice

After having received many questions regarding the vice I am using, I have made a short film with Marc showing many of the functions and applications of his Swiss Vice. If you enjoy the videos please subscribe to my YouTube channel below. Your help and support in keeping the channel going is greatly appreciated. Thanks… Continue reading Marc Petitjean explains the Swiss Vice

Marc Petitjean – CdC deer hair caddis

It’s been a while, but I am back, and posting more patterns after a busy season photographing and fishing, where I have been testing new patterns and materials that I will be writing about later.  I have also visited some new destinations that I am sure, will blow your socks off! I will reveal more later.  On arriving back from my travels, there is a mountain of new materials, tools and books waiting for me to review so keep tuned as I will be going through the best of these as and when I get time. Marc also extends the … Continue reading Marc Petitjean – CdC deer hair caddis

CdC tutorial with Marc Petitjean part 1

This is a tutorial I made with my good friend Marc Petitjean to demonstrate how he uses the magic tool and a few other CdC techniques he has up his sleeve. If you are not familiar with Marc’s tools and materials they really are the bee’s knee’s. Super high quality Swiss made Vices and ingenious, yet simple to use tools and his CdC is some of the continuously best available. This is the step by step for one of Marc’s quick and simple CdC body and caddis wing. The vice, tools and all materials used are Marc’s own and are … Continue reading CdC tutorial with Marc Petitjean part 1