Coq de Leon review

coq de leon

These are spade hackles from the roosters of rare breeds of domestic fowl, that originate from the region of Leon in northern Spain.


Flor De Escoba

The feathers have remarkable colourations and, in the traditional Spanish patterns in which they where used, are not wound onto the hook as a normal hackle.Instead bunches of the fibres are bound onto the hook and then splayed with the tying thread to obtain a radial hackle effect. The speckeled plumage also make excellent tails and caddis wings. The feathers have become more easy to obtain in recent years as their popularity within fly tying has risen. In their finest form the feathers have a stiffness and glasslike translucency that come from birds bread at high altitude on a soil rich in chalk.  The quality of feather is also effected by the time of year they are harvested from the birds. The feathers come in two different types: Indio, these are solid and plain coloured. Pardo are mottled. The trditional names given to the colours are:


nergisco (black) palometas (white) rubion (natural red) palteado (silver grey) acerade (ash grey) avellandado (brownish grey) perla (pearl grey) claro (light grey) oscura (dark grey)


flor de Escoba (dark background with reddish brown spots) sarrioso (light brown background with pale russet brown flecks) corona (fallow deer background with pale russet brown flecks) aconchado (conch shell) langareto (mottled in distinct yellowy lines) encendido (flushed with red) medio (medium shaded and stippled) oscura (dark shade) crudo (immature indistinct mottling .

The hackle fibres make wonderfull mayfly tails…

This is a semi-realistic super hi floating CdC mayfly spinner. Here I show you a tailing technique with Coq de Leon and several special techniques with CdC all you need to do is change the hook size and colour to imitate most mayfly spinners.


The best quality and selection of colours and sizes is available from Chvron hackles in the UK. Christine that runs Chevron has such a large range that you can spend ages just going through the packets making desition making as difficult as it gets.

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