Cripple green drake pattern tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Cripple green drake pattern

Often may flies become trapped in their shucks during the hatching process and become easy pickings for feeding trout. This pattern effectively imitates the struggling mayfly and can be deadly during hatches.

Cripple green drake fly pattern recipe

How to tie Cripple green drake

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One thought on “Cripple green drake pattern

  1. Thank you Barry for another fine video. Your videos are always very clear and illustrate the techniques and the results as well as any I have ever seen. I remember this style of fly from long ago; I believe the style first appeared in the Hat Creek/ Fall River area in California in the late 1970’s, early 80’s, or maybe that’s only when I first encountered it. At that time, the style was called the Quigley cripple, named after a local tyer, Bob Quigley.

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