Improved sofa pillow

The stimulators big brother, a real fat boy pattern, that has more attractor qualities than you can shake a stick at.

Hook: Mustad C53 # 6-10
Rib: Fine silver wire
Tail: Bleached elk hair
Wing: Bleached elk hair
Body: Tying thread & Silver badger hackle
Thorax: Cream dubbing
Hackle: Silver badger

One thought on “Improved sofa pillow

  1. Nice, looks like you ran a little bit out of room at the head of the fly, I do that all the time. I love these in Yellow thread and Brown or Cree hackle. The trout love them and it cuts down on the number of hopper patterns in my box. As always it’s one of my great pleasures to what you tie a fly. Fall is just around the corner, the best time of year.