Deer Hair Immerger tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Deer Hair Immerger

Presentation is alfa and omega when fishing emergers.

This incredibly simple pattern, truly, it only takes a few minutes to tie! makes emergers into immergers. This technique places your pattern right below the surface film (immersed) as if the insect is actually climbing out of the shuck onto the surface.

Taking my Fender emerger one step further by extending the deer hair parachute post which places the entire hook, and tippet point entirely under the surface…

Deer Hair Immerger pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad C49S
Tying Thread: Dyneema
Body: Moose hair coated with Bug Bond
Post: Deer hair wrapped in moose hair coated with Bug Bond
Parachute hackle: Deer hair

How to tie Deer Hair Immerger

Tie your bicolored moose hair body. You can see the full step by step for this in my earlier post ‘Fender parachute’.
Cut and stack a small bunch of deer hair central in the thorax.
Turn your hook so the deer hair post is at 90 degrees and make some wraps of tying thread to reinforce the post base.
Tie in two moose mane hairs, one black one white, along the length of the post finishing under the parachute hair.
Once you have wrapped the moose hair emerger post, tie off the moose hair, remove the excess and return your hook to the regular position.
Coat the post with Bug Bond and tie in two long peacock herl’s, by the points at the rear of the thorax.
Wrap the peacock herl over the whole thorax and tie off. Remove the excess.
Using your index finger press the deer hair post down to form the parachute hackle.
Carefully place a small drop of Bug Bond in the center of the deer hair hackle. Make sure it penetrates the deer hair.
Give the Bug Bond a zap with the UV light to cure.
You may wish to add one more drop to hold the deer hair hackle in place.
The finished deer hair immerger, in the correct posture.
Front view.
View from underneath.
Only deer hair and Bug Bond

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