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EWF 2022 Experience the world of fly fishing

After the successful implementation of the autumn edition of the World of Fly Fishing last October 2021, the organizers are looking forward to the 17th World of Fly Fishing on April 2nd and 3rd, 2022 with confidence.

At the moment it is the beginning of February of course, it is not yet clear whether and which measures regarding the pandemic will be necessary for a visit to the EWF, but the positive experiences of the autumn EWF have shown that a successful event is also possible under corona conditions.

The nice thing is that the EWF will take place as usual on the entire area of the event forum and monastery grounds in Fürstenfeld. The exhibition areas of the town hall, foyer and barn will be filled with well-known and popular brands and their products as well as tour operators, lodge owners, clubs with fly fishing waters, artists and much more.

The popular fly casting demos at the large casting pool will take place again. Already accepted: Thibaut Giband (Scott/ Scientific Anglers), Jan Kubala (Vision), Glenda Powell, Ian Gordon and Stevie Munn (Cadence – new brand at the EWF – first demo rods were presented in autumn), Christopher Rownes (Guideline), Trond Syrstad (LTS), Klaus Frimor ( Loop), for the first time Stanislav Mankov from Bulgaria and more to follow.

The casting and test stations of the individual exhibitors on the outdoor area were particularly well received, so that they will be available again in this form in spring.

Due to the great response from the past EWF years, Fly fish Europe AS will again have over 100 different fly lines ready for test casting. You are welcome to borrow a rod at the stand or you can bring your favorite rod and try it out to see what goes well with it.

In addition, colleagues from the development of Scientific Anglers as well as top experts from Fly fish Europe will explain and explain everything worth knowing about lines in a presentation with a question-and-answer character .

There will also be lectures on the subject of fly fishing again.

EWF 2021 Experience the world of fly fishing Munich

More than 40 fly tyers are waiting for you on the stages and at the stands and will show you their latest and well-known fly patterns. Daniela Misteli, Philipp Goralski, Werner Steinsdorfer, Sven Ostermann, Igor Stancev, Theo Atanassov, Stefano Ticchiati, Evgenii Borovin, Adrian Hauser, Györfi Zolt, Hans-Jürgen Baum, Rudi Wiestermayer and others as well as the fly tiers of the last three Open German Championships . Barry Ord Clarke Fly Tyer Magazine flyer of the year 2021 has promised to bring more copies of his last two ground breaking fly tying books, The Featherbenders Fly Tying Techniques & Fly Tying for Beginners, which was released in September 2021. Barry will also happily sign any of his other books that you may have if you bring them along.

Hans Eiber
FISCH&FLIEGE author Hans Eiber is back on site and is available to answer questions from beginners.

The highlight of the fall EWF, the fly tying clinic with Caroline Emmet, Chris Reeves and the well-known author and fly tyer Peter Gathercole, will again take place on the first floor of the Tenne . Peter is happy to sign his book for you.

The FFI (Fly Fishers International) will be there again this year with a stand in the outdoor area. Interested beginners or advanced users have the opportunity to take part in a half-hour, free training session with a certified instructor. Furthermore, on the Friday before the EWF, the FFI instructors will be offering casting workshops, the proceeds of which will be donated to the outpatient children’s hospice in Munich.

Of course, the outpatient children’s hospice in Munich is represented with a stand selling championship flies and other donated fly fishing items.

It is planned to hold the popular and extensive program for children and young people, whether with the rod at the casting pool or with the feathers on the vise . Everyone is welcome and will be accompanied by the dedicated EWF team in learning the hobby.

Fly fisher women can once again address their questions and requests to Glenda Powell from Ireland at her stand on the ground floor of the barn or to Ramona Hani, an enthusiastic fly fisherman from Austria, at the stand of the Austrian Fishing Society founded in 1880. The two always look forward to a lively exchange.

Glenda Powell
Glenda Powell is looking forward to female fly fishermen in the basement of the Tenne. 
Thibaut Giband (left) and Juergen Friesenhahn

The beginners’ program in the Tenne attracted particular interest in the autumn. Hans Eiber, already an “old hand” in this program, and Rainer Roth invite all interested newcomers and beginners in fly fishing to their stand. You will receive comprehensive advice and a presentation of fly fishing tackle, clothing and everything else that goes with it. Together with them, they look for the right device for them. It is also possible to try the device out on the outdoor area.

For the physical well-being with beer garden, large pizza oven, coffee trolley and much more is of course taken care of!

The best for last: despite the massive increase in consumer prices, the organizers decided not to raise the admission prices and to leave them at the 2019 level.

The team continues to hope for a positive development in terms of the corona pandemic. For up-to-date information, check out the EWF and FISCH & FLIEGE media channels. Further information: WEBSITE or facebook 

15th Open German Championship in fly tying

german open championship fly tying

Tying and winning

As part of the 17th EWF 2022, the 15th Open German Championship in fly tying will take place – everyone who is interested and tying is cordially invited to take part! Sponsored by Daiichi – Angler Sport Group.

The most important points in brief:

1. Dry fly (preset pattern) – “Clarke’s Floating Stonefly” tied by Barry Ord Clarke 

1a. Dry fly – own pattern

2. Streamer

3. Realistic fly


  • For the “Dry Fly” category, one pattern is required and a second should be your own pattern. This means that the contestant must submit two flies, the required pattern and his or her own pattern.
  • It is not required that the flies be tyed on Daiichi hooks. Any brand of hook can be used in all categories if the participant cannot obtain Daiichi hooks.
  • A fly tyer can compete in all categories.
  • Very important: participants must follow the requirements, otherwise the submitted fly patterns will not be evaluated, that is, they will be disqualified.

Jury and Evaluation of the Submitted Flies

The jury will evaluate the flies at the EWF 2022. Prior to the evaluation,the names of the jury members will be known only by the coordinator.


After the flies are judged, every participant will receive a promotional package of Daiichi hooks.
The three top participants in each category will receive a certificate, a medal, and they will appear in a German fly-fishing magazine.

Three winners of the 15th German Open Fly Tying Championship will be invited to tie flies at the 18th EWF in April 2023 at the suggestion of Gerd-Peter Wieditz, the initiator of the German Open Fly Tying Championship.


Participants must submit, to the address below, each fly packaged separately. Included with each fly must be a detailed fly-tying recipe (tying instructions) and a filled-out application. If a contestant ties several flies, they can be in a single container, but each fly must be separately packaged together with the corresponding tying recipe and filled-out application.

To download the Application Form (a PDF file) click here: Application Form and follow your browser’s directions for downloading to your computer.

Entry Deadline:       28 March 2022

Submissions to be send to:  
Experience the World of Fly Fishing
Robert Stroh
 Lindenstrasse 8
D – 82031 Grünwald
GERMANYe-mail: info@e-w-f.de

The 15th German Open Fly-Tying Championship 2022 is sponsored by Angler Sport Group (Daiichihooks) and the Experience the World of Flyfishing. Thank you!

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