BFFI Daddy Challenge winners

Dear all,

Thank you for supporting WAFT at the show. The Daddy Challenge produced some superb entries. Judging was done by myself and regular boat partner Geoff Stanley who has been watching me develop ‘wafting’ for the last few years. We gave marks out of 5 for each of three categories – innovation, effectiveness and skill. Selecting first was easy, but finding a runner up was tricky with so many excellent offerings. We decided on three for runner up so had to ask two other tiers for their opinion before we could make a decision.

Barry Ord Clarke was the unanimous winner. Well done Barry for submitting such a stunning fly for £100 first prize..


Second place by a very narrow margin was Peter Major, who’s fly nudged out submissions from Ken Lea and Ben Watson.

As much as I would like to, there were too many other great entries to comment on. So thank you all for your support…and start thinking about next year’s challenge – a dancing Mayfly.


Terry Coging  WAFT Ltd

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