Grå frede flue tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Grå frede flue

The Grey Frede/Grå frede is a truly simple pattern that is one of the Danish favorites for sea trout.

This short bodied pattern is again in the popular sea trout colour, GREY! The original uses only grizzle marabou and grizzle hackle but because I hunt birds I have this wonderful material, that I use here, is black grouse marabou for the tail and head.

This type of highly mobile marabou is found on most game birds especially those from a cold climate.

Grå frede flue pattern

  • Hook: Mustad Heritage Curved Streamer C70SAP # 4
  • Tying thread: Dyneema 55 or GSP
  • Tail: Black grouse marabou plume/ Grizzle marabou
  • Tail/ body/ rib: Crystal flash
  • Eyes: Bead chain eyes
  • Body Hackle: Grizzle
  • Head: After shaft feather (natural grey)

How to tie Grå frede flue

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