Luis Meana Baeza PM14GAfl mayfly

Luis Meana Baeza Fly PM14GAFL mayfly

This extraordinary style of mayfly dun from Spanish fly tyer Luis Means Baeza is a very interesting pattern, with several unique and innovative, techniques and uses of materials well worth watching to the very end.

PM14GAFL mayfly pattern

  • Hook: Mustad Heritage R 30 # 16
  • Tying thread: Sheer 14/0 Tan
  • Wing: Coq de Leon- Pardo Encendido
  • Tail: Two CDC hackle rachis (stems)
  • Rib: Super fine copper wire
  • Body: Green floss
  • Post: Aero wing
  • Hackle: Medium dun cock
  • Thorax: SLF prism hare dub Brown olive

How to tie PM14GAFL mayfly pattern

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