fly tying Helter Skelter Pike Fly jig

Helter Skelter Pike Fly jig

I developed the Heltor skeltor to maximize all the attractor elements possible in one fly.

The Icelandic sheep and big fly fiber are extremely mobile in water, but their effect is enhanced by the weight of the brass beads that roll back and forth in the body tube giving not only a sporadic jerky swimming action but also rattle against each other sending out an audial signal to predators. Not forgetting the eyes which are an attack point, are oversized for additional predator impact. If you keep all these factors in mind when designing predatory patterns you wont go wrong.

Helter Skelter Pike Fly pattern recipe

  • Hook Mustad S74SZ # 2/0-4/0
  • Thread Dyneema
  • Body E-Z Body XL filled with 3-5 beads
  • Under wing White buck tail
  • Wing Chartreuse and white Icelandic sheep
  • Over wing Lime green Big fish fiber
  • Sides Grizzle cock hackles coloured yellow
  • Eyes Large mobile eyes and bug bond or epoxy

How to tie Helter Skelter Pike Fly jig

Secure your hook in the vice. Attach your tying thread at the bend of the hook as shown.

Cut a length of E-Z body XL and singe the fibers at one end with a lighter. This is important as it will give purchase for the tying thread and stop it slipping off the tube.

Thread the E-Z body over the hook shank until you come to the tying thread.

Tie the end of the E-Z body down. Make sure this is secure.

Whip finish and remove your tying thread. You must now apply varnish or bug bond to the tying whippings. Trim the E-Z body down to about 4 mm longer than the hook eye and seal the fibers again.

Draw back the E-Z body tube and attach your tying thread 4-5 mm behind the hook eye.
Now insert 3-5 large beads inside the E-Z body cavity. These have several purposes. They not only give weight and sound by rattling against each other while fishing, but they also influence the swimming action of the fly. As you retrieve, the beads roll back and forth in the belly of the streamer making it tip up and down and extremely attractive.

Tie down the E-Z body tube to seal the the body.

Tie inn a under wing of white buck tail, this will support the finer more mobile over wing material.

Now tie in a length of white Icelandic sheep, the wrong way as shown. This will give a little volume to the head section. This should be a little longer than the buck tail under wing.

Now fold over the white Icelandic sheep. You will see that the head of the fly will be lifted, like a pompadour.

Cut a length of chartreuse or yellow Icelandic sheep and tie this in the correct way over the white wing.

Cut a smaller bunch of lime green big fish fiber keeping the crimped ends, these again will give volume just above the head of the streamer.

Colour two large grizzle hackles yellow with a waterproof felt pen.

Tie these in as the sides.

Using a drop of super glue attach two large mobile or dolls eyes, one each side and central to the hook eye. Once the eyes are attached you can then fill the opening between both eyes over and under the hook eye with Bug Bond or Epoxy.

The finished Helter skelter pike streamer.

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