F-fly, Moustique du Jura

Historic CDC flies, F-fly, Moustique du Jura

Cul de Canard, Croupion de canard or CDC as it is more commonly known has become one of the most used materials in fly tying, but its not that long ago, that there where only a handful of fly tyers in Europe using it. Here are a few original flies for your pleasure from the CDC masters of past and present.

f-fly marjan fratnik
An original F-Fly tied by Marjan Fratnik

If you are a fly fishermen and don’t know the F-Fly you should get aquatinted with it ASAP. Created by the famous Slovenian fly tyer Marjan Fratnik. Although only made from CDC and tying thread a deadly pattern under most circumstances. My video Tying Instructions F-fly

Moustique du Jura

An original Louis Veya dry fly. Mr Veya was taught to tie the famous “Moustique du Jura” with CDC hackle by Maximilien Joset

An original by the well known German fly tyer Gerhard Laible. Who published his book “CDC_Flies” in 1993.

CDC comparadun

An original CDC comparadun tied by Leon Links who published his book “Tying flies with CDC” in 2001.

MP55 Caddis fly

An original MP55 Caddis fly tied by Marc Petitjean who published his book “Petitjean CDC” in 2017.

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