How to tie simple caddis larva. fly tying video

How to tie a simple caddis larva

A very simple yet functional caddis larva that can be tied in various colours and sizes. If you would like a lighter weight larva that can be fished closer to the surface just omit the tungsten bead and complete the head with the ice dubbing.

  • Hook: Mustad C49S # 10 or smaller
  • Head: 4mm Tungsten gold bead
  • Tying thread: UTC 70 Fluorescent Green
  • Rib: Flat copper wire
  • Shell back: Moose mane hairs
  • Abdomen: Veniard Ultra Lace Tube lime
  • Thorax: Black ice dubbing

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One thought on “How to tie a simple caddis larva

  1. This is a nice looking Caddisfly larva pattern! I tie something that looks very similar using the shuttle weave technique with olive floss on top and neon green floss on the bottom. That is a very effective fly for me and I have no doubt yours will be too. Your suggestion of using olive-dyed deer hair in place of dyed moose mane is a good one since many of us are more likely to have that material. I definitely learned something here though, with your head cement technique at hook eye. Very cleaver!