gartsides sparrow nymph tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Gartside’s Sparrow nymph

Probably Jack Gartside’s best known pattern from the early seventies. Originally designed by Jack as a soft hackle muddler minnow but over the years has proved to be an excellent all round sub surface pattern.

Gartside’s Sparrow nymph pattern recipe

  • Hook: Mustad R73 Streamer # 4-14
  • Tying thread: Sheer grey
  • Tail: Pheasant marabou feather
  • Body: Rabbit and Squirrel blended with a little Antron
  • Hackle: Pheasant Spey hackle
  • Collar: Pheasant after shaft feather

How to tie Gartside’s Sparrow nymph – video

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