mysis shrimp tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Mysis shrimp fly

A quick and simple, semi realistic pattern to imitate the Mysis shrimp. Ranging from 0.5 to 25 mm long with a slender transparent body. Inspite its small size the Mysis is a very important food item in both lakes and salt water. Heres a few good techniques for getting it right!

Mysis shrimp fly pattern

  • Hook: Partridge_Sprite S2100 # 14-16
  • Tying thread: Wisp 8/0 White
  • Body: Ultra Lace 1 mm clear & Pearl Krystal flash
  • Eyes: Plastic nymph eyes black
  • Legs: Glister dubbing pearl
  • Shell back: UV resin

How to tie mysis shrimp fly

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