Walt's Worm pattern by Barry Ord Clarke

How to tie Walt’s Worm

Walt Young’s hares ear pattern, that is one of the simplest but most popular competition jigs. Although an easy tie, there are a few nice techniques in this pattern that are worth learning.

Fly tying materials for Walt’s Worm :

Used fly tying tools:

Petitjean Swiss-Vise Master
Petitjean TT Bobbin
Stonfo Pettine Comb Brush

Fly Tester – Take your fly tying to the next level

Fly Tester

Nesting Hair Stacker set

One thought on “How to tie Walt’s Worm

  1. It seems like I learn something new with every tying video you post! This time, it was the way you shaped your dubbing BEFORE you started twisting up your dubbing loop. It seems very effective at getting the desired dubbing profile along the hook shank. That is something I will definitely start doing. And, of course, there is the ingenious way you apply varnish to a bead-headed fly. I had seen you do that before on an earlier video but it was a good reminder for me.