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Fly Photography Gadget Give away!

The full fly Photography Gadget set that will be given away on 17th March, and the winner will be a announced on the 18th March 2021.

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The draw of the lucky winner will be on Thursday 18.03.2021

Fly Photography Gadget

I was recently sent this fly photography gadget to test from yr3d. I am not a big fan of gadgets, especially photographic ones, but I can see that this has become popular on FaceBook amongst tyers. I am constantly asked what set-up do I use when photographing flies… Since I am a professional photographer I use a full studio set-up and people are somewhat disappointed when I list what studio lights and camera I use as they are at the top end price range, so I thought that I would give it a go. Since this simple set-up is priced (as far as I can see) from $ 40.00 – $ 85.00 depending on which set you buy.

Firstly the set I was sent is the KIT-4 and consists of the following:


Photo Gadget 2LED ring light and flies clamp + big table + background holder and A4 black sheet + rotary add-on.

The Photo Gadget consists of a single or double ring with LED strip, a ‘G’clamp for attaching to the table and a E-Z hackle plier fly clip.

The LED ribbon ring light is positioned so that it illuminates only fly and not the background. This means that the background benefits from an additional light source, natural or other… You can photograph your flies without an additional background light source and achieve good results with a black back ground.

Without background light
With background light

If you would like top results, I suggest you use slave flash if you have one. If not, try to use another light source on the background, like from a lamp or a window with natural light and move the background as far away as possible from the fly, this will put the background out of focus, and put more focus on the fly.

The background stative without card
The background stative with card

The set comes with a simple background stative with two sheets of background paper, one black and one blue. These are not brilliant but still work. You can get much more creative finding and using other backgrounds.

It also comes with a rotary fly holder and plinth

The ring light can be powered via a regular USB connector, to a charger device, mobile or laptop/tablet or computer.

With the rotary fly gadget

– The size of diameter of the ring light – 125 mm

– The size of the rod 200 * 8 mm

– USB power supply 5V

– Cable length 0.5 M

– Ring Light temperature – Cool White

– Background sheets A4

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