Kinermony Killer salmon fly tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Kinermony Killer variant salmon fly


Kinermony Killer variant

Hair wing salmon flies have their roots firmly planted in North American salmon rivers, slowly but surely after their introduction into Europe, have fully dressed salmon flies with built wings of feathers nearly disappeared from the salmon fishers fly-box. The contents of the contemporary salmon fishers fly box have wings made of goat, buck tail, artic runner, temple dog and various  species of fox to name but a few of the most popular hairs that have come to replace the classic winging materials. The hair wing flies are not only more durable and easier to tie, but the materials are also more affordable and readily available from most fly tying retailers. All these advantages and last but not least, that fish as well, if not better than their feather wing relatives have secured hair wings a permanent place in the salmon fishers armoury. European fly tyers embraced the the North American way of tying, so much as too develop their own unique styles, that have made them almost unmistakably European.

The Kinermony Killer or KK as it is also known is one of these modern classic European hair wings. Its was as far as I understand designed by Jock Ryan, a ghille on the Kinermoney beat of the river Spey. Its reputation is so, that there is almost no-one who fishes this beat with a few of these KK in their box, or should I say on the end of their leader! And its not only Scottish salmon that have taken a liking to it, Icelandic and Norwegian salmon fishermen have also 

applauded its merits. The KK shown here is the well know variant with a wing of Arctic runner and a even more popular variant in Norway tied in flamethrower style.

Kinermony Killer salmon fly pattern:

Hook: Mustad DL 70UBLN
Thread: Dyneema
Tag: Oval silver tinsel
Rear body: Flat holographic tinsel
Rib: Silver tinsel
Body hackle: Yellow cock
Front body: Black floss
Second body hackle: Hot orange cock
Under wing: Hot orange and yellow buck tail with crystal flash
Wing: Black Artic runner
Front hackle: Blue cock
Sides: Jungle cock
Head: Red

Kinermony Killer salmon fly – Step by step



Secure your double hook securely in the vice with the hook shaft horizontal. Attach your tying thread and tie in a length of medium oval silver tinsel and make four or five turns to form the tag.



Now tie in a length of flat holographic tinsel for the rear body.



Wrap the flat holographic tinsel along the rear of the hook shank to form the rear body and tie off.



Remove the excess flat holographic tinsel and then make three turns of oval tinsel for the rib.



Tie in the yellow cock hackle and wrap as shown.



Now tight into the yellow hackle base tie in a length of oval silver tinsel and a length of black floss and wind your tying thread forward.



Wrap your black floss in neat flat turns forward and tie off. Now make three turns of oval tinsel for the front body rib. 



Cut a small bunch of yellow and hot orange buck tail and mix together. Tie this in, the wing should be approximately 2X the length of the hook . 



Cut three strands of Crystal hair and tie in on top of the wing. These should be a little longer than the buck tail wing.



Select a long fibered hot orange cock hackle and tie this in tight to the wing base. Wrap the hackle as shown and tie off.



The over wing requires a bunch of black Arctic runner hair cleaned and tapered at the points. This should be tied in as shown a little longer than the crystal hair.



Again choose a blue cock hackle with extra long fibres and wrap as the front hackle.



Select two matching jungle cock eyes and tie these in one each side at a slightly upward angle.



Last, if you are using Dyneema colour the thread with a red waterproof felt pen and whip-finish. Give the head a couple of coats of  varnish.



The KK tied flamethrower style.

Kinermony Killer salmon fly video tutorial

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