barry ord clarke hair Stacker

Nesting Hair Stacker tool set

An hair stacker might seams the simplest of the tools but yet is one of the most important friend for the complete fly tier, not to mention for those aficionados of clipped deer hair bodies or hair fly fishing streamers. We have been working since months to develop the most beautiful and efficient stacker ever designed. Not an easy task, when you want to mix beauty, design, perfect functionality and a touch of color.  We combined the Italian technology with the expertise of a recognized master fly tier. 
This unique “Nesting Stacker” has been designed by no other than Barry Ord Clarke, aka The Feather Bender, in cooperation with 54 Dean Street. Completely machined from solid aluminum bars and anodized with antistatic finish in 4 different colors to easily spot each stacker on the messy table of any serious fly tier. Piccolo, Demi, Standard and Magnum, these are their names, all nest together like a Russian doll and when not in use they store in their pouch made with recycled fabric from worn waders. Hard to hide a hint of pride in presenting you for the first time this amazing tool from 54 Dean Street production.


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