October Caddis tied by Barry Ord Clarke

October Caddis dry fly

Probably the last big fly of the season. The October caddis can make a great end to the season, these huge caddis flies make a big slash and are eagerly taken by trout that are approaching the spawn.

This pattern is based on the Streaking caddis that works extremely well for the large European hatches of caddis flies.  The three big trigger points of the natural are: 1 the bright orange body, 2 the large dark wing and last but not least, the shear size on the fly.

This pattern pushes all three buttons and is well worth having in your fly box.

October Caddis dry fly recipe

  • Hook: Mustad Heritage R43AP # 10
  • Tying thread:  Uni 8/0 Orange & Dyneema or GSP
  • Body: Trout Line super spike dubbing Orange
  • Wing/head: Black deer hair

How to tie October Caddis

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