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Contre-jour Fine art photographic prints

Arctic char detail from the comming Contre-jour exhibition of photographs by Barry Ord Clarke

The 32 images in this coming exhibition endorse Barry’s love and passion for the sport as a fly fisherman, photographer and artist.  The viewer is taken on a journey into the world of fly fishing that is rarely seen. On first encountering these beautiful images, they are sufficiently recognizable as images of fish and fishing, but as you approach and view them at close range, they transform into a graphic and sometimes abstract, overlapping of organic patterns and colour.

All images are for sale, signed and numbered by the artist. Barry is also making a series of limited photographs with hand tied flies in beautiful mounted frames. I will keep you posted regarding the exhibition. For sales and enquires please contact:

Skyrise. Black & White hand print 80×60 cm

Vulgate mayflies. Colour hand print 80×60 cm.

Sea trout fishing. 80×60 cm Black & White hand print


‘Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art’ Leonardo Davinci

Tied in Hand

Odyssey of a Fly-Tyer


Sven-Olov Hård

In his early teens, Sven-Olov Hård began attaching yarn and hackles to the shank of a fishing hook with thread, struggling to copy the illustrations of salmon flies he found in old Hardy fishing catalogues. Little did he know, that a little over three decades later, he would be a master of the craft and one of the most distinguished ‘in-hand’ fly tyers of our time.

I myself have been tying flies for many years, and have gained through my contributions to fishing magazines and books, the unfortunate label of an “Expert” but when I examine a salmon fly tied in hand by Sven-Olov, I am soon brought down to earth, feeling rather like a second rate art student, studying an old master.  Anyone who has ever tried to tie a fully dressed salmon fly, will know of the patience required for building a mixed wing, or a flawless floss body!  Sven-Olov does all this without a vice!

Tied in hand, takes you on the fascinating journey of a salmon fly-tyer, that begins with a young boys interest in fishing and results with a grown mans obsession with the classic salmon fly, ending in Scotland on the rivers Tay and Spey to cast his flies into the waters they where originally made for. With every step along the way wonderfully illustrated with full page photographs of his flies and charming water colours by Lars Sundström. He writes, not only with a great knowledge on the subject of materials and the techniques of tying in hand but also with a heartfelt affection for his passion.

This is a delightful book, full of beautiful fishing flies tied as originally intended and accompanied by their history and recipes.


Gaula River of Silver & Gold:

With the onslaught of digital photography and inexpensive HD cameras, it seems like just about every fly fisherman has ambitions of becoming a film maker, resulting in, thousands of hours of  voyeur  “fishing porn”  being released for sale. Don’t get me wrong! I have nothing against anyone expressing themselves through the cinematographic art form, quite the opposite in fact.  But like poor Hollywood productions that go straight to DVD, with a few exceptions, most of these fishing films should go straight to Youtube.

Gaula, River of Silver and Gold, is one of the exceptions!

Following the river through the clearly defined Norwegian seasons, this film gives the fly fisherman a front row seat,  on the journey of the salmon and fly fishing a legendary river. Through the use of elegant  underwater and spectacular ariel photography you get to see Gaula, as never seen before!

The production of Gaula is sharp, yet flows as smoothly  as the river itself and unlike most other fishing films, it is complimented by an unobtrusive but yet refreshing and pleasant sound track. My only criticism is the somewhat clinical narrative, but this is fortunately camouflaged by the seductive voice-over in english by Susan Tackenberg.  That being said! This is a film for fly fishermen by fly fishermen and anyone who chases silver in Gaula or anywhere else for that matter will be spellbound.

I cant wait to see more from this team.

Daniel Göz & Anton Hamacher:  Time 43 min. DVD. Blueray. 29.95 €