Sunk Lure streamer for sea trout


Tandems or flies tied with a flying treble or double like Hugh Falkus’s famous Sunk Lure, have been used for sea trout fishing for decades. There are many ways of connecting the trailing hook to the leading hook but my personal favorite is the one shown herewith a free swimming tail hook which gives a life-like swimming action when fishing.


The wing construction of Falkus’s Sunk Lure is similar to that of the modern flowing. When wet, the wing and topping collapse and merge, to create an extremely life like sandeel imitation – one of the most common foods of sea trout when in saltwater.

When making the mount, a double hook is recommended as the upward point on a treble interferes with the swimming action of the wing. The mount has to be secured correctly. Firstly place the braided backing between the bends on the double and then the ends, respectively, up through and down through the hook eye. Then tie the braid along the shank of the leading hook, through the eye and back along the shank and secure with glue.

The clear plastic tube over the mount is free sliding and stops the braid opening and hanging up around the leading hook.

Sunk Lure streamer pattern recipe

  • Leading hook: Mustad DL71UBLN
  • Trailing hook: Mustad 80531BLN
  • Mount: Braided backing & short length of clear tubing
  • Tying thread: Red 6/0
  • Body: Flat silver tinsel
  • Wing: 2 pairs of blue cock hackles
  • Topping: A few strands of Crystal hair and 5-6 peacock herl
  • Head: Red

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