The Spool Tower fly tying review by Barry Ord Clarke

The Spool Tower review

The Spool Tower Barry ord Clarke

There are constantly new tools, gadgets and other fly tying paraphernalia being launched as a must have for your fly tying bench. The truth be known, most of them are re-invented copies of existing tools or just down right useless, creating only more clutter on the tying bench for you to keep in order. That being said, once in a while you come across an item that actually does help keep things in check, the spool tower is one of them!


I was recently made aware of this storage system at EWF by its creator Herwig Haas from friends of fly fishing in Bavaria. Probably the most difficult piece of fly tying tackle to keep tidy is spools of thread, wire, floss and beads as over the years we acquire so many different sizes, colours, spools etc that can quickly create a state of chaos on the tying bench!

The Spool Tower

The plastic discs and base tool housings rotate smoothly.

The spool tower retains all the immediate spooled item that is being used of thread, floss and wire in neat easily rotatable discs that hold six spools each.

The Spool Tower 2

The transparent discs make finding the correct stored spool simple and the deep retaining spool hole keeps the thread end in place and eliminates the problem of them unwinding. The tower also takes small polythene spool sized tubs, that are available with or without a small hole in the lid. These make easy access and storage of beads, cone heads and other small materials that you use often.


The tower fully loaded

The towers can be personalised and extended as and when you require more levels by purchasing the extra levels needed. The discs rotate smoothly and the towers are sturdy and well balanced, even when one tower is loaded with tubs of Tungsten beads and the other with spools of tying thread. For those of you that don’t have a permanent tying bench or if you travel often with your tying kit, a tidy caddy can be purchased that the towers neatly slid into keeping everything in place when packed away.

The Spool Tower BOC

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