Vaskebjørn flue

Vaskebjørn flue

Vaskebjørn or Raccoon, translated from Norwegian, is a pattern that very quickly established itself amongst Scandinavian salt water sea trout fishermen.

Developed by Christian Schanche a local fly tyer in the county that I live, is obviously inspired by some of the top Danish patterns like Frede and Magnus.

Christian also says that its not just a favourite for sea trout but it is also an effective pattern for sea bass.

Vaskebjørn flue pattern

  • Hook: Mustad S71 # 2
  • Tying thread: Dyneema 55
  • Eyes: Large bead chain eyes (Original black)
  • Hackle: Large cock grizzle
  • Rear body: Red seals fur
  • Front body: Natural seals fur

How to tie Vaskebjørn flue

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