magnus sea trout pattern

Magnus sea trout pattern

A popular Danish pattern designed for salt water sea trout. The Magnus can be tied in various sizes but I believe works best in # 6-8.

With only basic materials required, just about any fly tyer can tie this.

You can also substitute the hares mask dubbing for the body with ice dubbing to make the Polar Magnus, same pattern, more bling!

Magnus pattern

  • Hook: Mustad C70S Big Game
  • Tying thread: Dyneema 55 or GSP
  • Tail: Two grizzle hackle tips
  • Body: Hares mask dubbing tan
  • Rib: Oval silver tinsel
  • Eyes: Bead chain
  • Hackle: Grizzle

How to tie Magnus sea trout pattern

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One thought on “Magnus sea trout pattern

  1. That’s a very nice looking streamer. I like the grizzly tails as they will indeed pulsate through the water. I also like your method of turning the hackle front-to-back and then tying it down with the ribbing that goes back-to-front. It’s an efficient way to do it.

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