Christmas tree streamer

The Juletræet as the original is called in Danish or translated, Christmas tree is a popular Danish coastal pattern for sea run browns. The original is from the early 80’s and comes from Danish fly tyer Steen Ulnits. This simple but effective pattern is easy to tie but requires the correct Mylar tubing. Many Mylar’s when the weave is opened, the tinsel will be curled and impossible to get to lie flat, you will need one that is easily opened and all the strands of tinsel are straight. The Christmas tree has a great swimming action and needless to say, … Continue reading Christmas tree streamer

How to tie Sawyer’s Killer Bug

Heres another little gem of a pattern that may be one of the most simple flies ever tied! The killer bug tied with the original Chadwick’s 477 reinforcing and mending wool. This classic Grayling pattern from nymph expert and legendary river keeper Frank Sawyer still doesn’t disappoint, but if you follow Sawyer’s tying instruction, the killer or (grayling) bug as it was originally named, could and should only be tied with one brand and shade of wool, Chadwick’s No 477. Although this wool is not produced anymore there are a whole load of substitutes to be found and the original … Continue reading How to tie Sawyer’s Killer Bug

Fishing with Royalty

This is the most regal member of the Wulff pack, a legacy pattern from the  legendary fly tyer and fishermen Lee Wulff.  The Royal Wulff is probably the most popular riffle pattern.  As the name suggests these fat patterns with white wings float high in a fast riffle or broken water, the wing making it highly visible to the angler at a distance and in low light. Hook: Mustad 94840 R 50 # 8-16 Tying thread: Black Wing: White calf tail Tail: Moose body hair, or deer hair Body: Peacock herl divided by a band of red floss Hackle: Dark … Continue reading Fishing with Royalty