A little piece of fly tying history, safe and sound!


I thought some of you would like to see this.

Just the other weekend my wife was tidying her wardrobe, something that I try at all costs not to get involved with, but this time was a little different!  Stacked away in a drawer of an  old but not forgotten jewellery box, she came across a little piece of fly tying history.


Way back in the mid 90’s Torill Kolbu visited and stayed with us a couple of days while we worked on some photography for some articles.  As a thank you to my wife Torill tied her a pair of woven stone-fly ear rings with Norwegian flag wing  case’s!


These wonderful flies are made with Torill’s signature technique of crochet (woven) bodies that she won the first four places with in the world championships in salmon fly tying in 1993. Since then woven flies can be found as standard.


Here you can see the detail in Torill’s crocheting technique, and I just love the Norwegian flag wing case.


The underside of the Torill Kolbu woven stone fly nymph ear ring.

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