Blue winged olive parachute tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Blue wing olive fly – parachute

One of the earliest and most important mayflies for the trout fishermen Blue wing olive fly. This easy tie gives a great foot print and is the perfect pattern for calmer flowing stretches of water.

Blue wing olive fly pattern recipe

How to tie Blue wing olive fly – video


What does a blue winged olive imitate?

The BWO is a small Baetis Genus mayfly that has grey wings (with a bluish tint) and an olive/brown body. But the name can be a little confusing as many mayflies of this Genus are similar. They can hatch up to three times per year, often in very large numbers, making them an important trout food on many streams and rivers.

How do you fish blue winged olives?

BWO can be fished in all three stages, BWO nymph, emerger and dry fly. Although dry fly is probably the most popular as the BWO duns (adults) often sail on the surface for a good amount of time, making them easy pickings for a hungry trout.

When to fish blue winged olive?

The best time to fish BWO is during a hatch.

When do blue winged olive hatch?

They can be some of the first mayflies to hatch in the spring and the last in the autumn/winter.

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