Cripple stillborn caddis tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Cripple/stillborn caddis

This cripple/stillborn caddis is a sure thing during a caddis hatch.

The new Mustad Heritage Alpha Point R43AP # 10 is the perfect hook for this pattern with its 3XL shank and extra fine wire.

Tie it in any size and colour to match your hatch, you won’t be disappointed.

Cripple/stillborn caddis pattern recipe

  • Hook: Mustad Heritage R43AP # 8-14
  • Tying thread: Sheer 14/0 brown
  • Shuck: Parapost fibres
  • Abdomen: Brown hackle
  • Bubble: 2 CDC hackles
  • Thorax: Brown stickle dub
  • Wings: 2 Turkey biots
  • Head: Stickle dub brown

How to tie Cripple/stillborn caddis

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