Fly tying for beginner’s Hares ear nymph

A new series of videos for those that are new to fly tying, to accompany my new book, ‘fly tying for beginners’ out later this year. Here I am showing techniques that may look challenging, but are totally achievable with a little patience and practice. I have slowed down the tying and explain every step in detail. If you are struggling, and have a question, post it in the comments box below, and I will try and help. Good luck!

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One thought on “Fly tying for beginner’s Hares ear nymph

  1. Very nice! There are several great techniques shown in the video and I especially like where you wrap the first dubbing loop anti-clockwise before wrapping the ribbing clockwise. Done this way, the ribbing stands out, the fly is more durable, and it provides the best way to tie off the ribbing without it slipping under the thread. The method can be used on a great number of fly patterns.

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