Ultra midge pupa fly tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Ultra midge pupa fly

A quick and super easy wire body midge pupa that is almost indestructible. Tie it in whatever colour and size you like.

Ultra midge pupa fly pattern recipe

How to tie the Ultra midge pupa fly – video

Midge fly

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One thought on “Ultra midge pupa fly

  1. This is indeed a very effective midge larva pattern. I know it as one called Ian’s Brass Ass, developed by Ian Colin James. I tie it in many colors, like you mentioned, and also find that Green and Red UTC Ultra Wire are often the most effective. UTC Holographic Tinsel comes in many of the same colors and that is what I typically use for the “cheeks”. I must say, though, that your technique of running the wire into the hook eye before wrapping it with your rotary vise is extremely efficient! Well done!

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