Running with scissors.



Throughout my many years tying flies, I quickly understood that one of the most important tools are the scissors you use. During this time I have accumulated several dozen pairs of scissors, in all forms, shapes and sizes, but if I am honest, I have only four scissors that are constantly in use. 


1. A pair of small extra fine pointed cuticle scissors for all the small detailed work and thread.

2. A General purpose serrated scissors for cutting tinsel, wire and heavier gauge materials.

3. A pair of long bladed straight scissors for larger jobs like preparing materials for dubbing loops.

4. A medium pair of sharp pointed serrated scissors for deer hair work.


A few weeks ago I received these Stainless Steel Dovo Embroidery Scissors from Chris Helm at whitetail fly tying in the US.  They have a Pewter satin finish and fine points for close and accurate work. The scissors measure 4″ – 10 cm in overall length and have double serrated blades that are so sharp they are sticky! 


After getting round to trying them, I am now convinced that these are without doubt, the best fly tying scissors I have ever used! The points are ultra fine and extremely sharp, making even the smallest and most delicate cutting job a joy. The double serrated blades cut precisely from the very point and through the whole length of the blades. They even cope with ease on more difficult materials such as Dyneema (Gel spun thread) and are excellent for modeling deer hair. Just opening and closing the blades oozes quality, its like closing the door on a Bentley, you can feel and hear, it doesn’t get any better than this!


If you are serious about your fly tying and want every cut to count these are the scissors for you!

And at $42.95 per pair they are a great long time investment.


These scissors are made in Germany by Solingen master grinders under the most rigid control from the finest hot-forged steel, resulting in scissors that are strong but never bulky. The forging process compacts the molecules so that the scissors stay sharp longer. These fine embroidery scissors will provide you with many years of beautiful service. 


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5 thoughts on “Running with scissors.

  1. A good pair of scissors are indeed a good investment, and when you find one that works for you and your style of fly tying, they become very precious. Nevertheless, if you do sweep them off the table towards your lap, do not snap your legs closed to stop them falling onto the floor. Speaking from personal experience, chances are they will be dropping horizontally, and you’ll end up embedding them in your thigh …

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Thats a good tip.

      Been there, done that, got scars to prove it! It was good to see you do a spot on Chris Sandfords Stuff!

    2. hi guys
      I’ve tried contacting Chris Helm via e-mail but i keep getting returned mail does anyone know if he is still doing his shop

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