All hackle dry technique

One of my new techniques for hackling with any type or size of hackle including partridge, wood duck, teal, Coq de Leon etc. This technique is so new that I haven’t had a opportunity to fish with it yet but it floats extremely well, presenting emergers beautifully. Thank you for watching and subscribing to the feather benders You Tube channel, your support is keeping the channel going and is greatly appreciated: Continue reading All hackle dry technique

How to tie Hatching midge emerger

This is a really simple quill body midge with a raised CdC hackle that will float all day long. Please remember to subscribe to the feather benders You Tube channel: Buy MUSTAD signature hooks Buy VENIARD product on AMAZON:Fly tying tools and materials shop TRIDENT FREE SHIPPING OVER $20:Buy SIMMS fishing products:EPIC water filters Very useful thing when fishing:Trouts fly fishing Premier Fly Shop & Outfitter:Polarized fishing sunglasses RHEOS 55$:TheRiversEdge flyfishing shop – Bozeman Montana:Buy STANLEY products. Free Shipping on all orders!Buy BEST fly tying VISEBuy PREMIUM fly fishing flies – RiverBum USABuy ALPACKA RAFT for fly fishing adventuresNUTRIENT SURVIVAL … Continue reading How to tie Hatching midge emerger