The Grizzly Muddler

A little twist on a well known classic with a couple old but good techniques. One of my most productive streamers, especially for sea run browns. Hook: Mustad S71 # 4 Thread: Dyneema Tail & Wing: Grizzle hackle tips Body: … Continue reading The Grizzly Muddler


Rusty Rat

After receiving many requests to do some salmon fly videos, I have decided to do a collection of some of the most famous and fishable patterns. Starting with one of the classic North American hair wings and definitely the most famous from the Rat series. Rusty Rat double Hook: Mustad DL71UBLN # 6 Thread: Black Tag: Oval gold tinsel Tail: Peacock sword fibres Body: Yellow floss & Peacock herl Veil: Yellow floss Rib: Oval gold tinsel Wing: Siberian squirrel tail Collar: Grizzle cock hackle Head: Black Continue reading Rusty Rat

Christmas tree streamer

The Juletræet as the original is called in Danish or translated, Christmas tree is a popular Danish coastal pattern for sea run browns. The original is from the early 80’s and comes from Danish fly tyer Steen Ulnits. This simple but effective pattern is easy to tie but requires the correct Mylar tubing. Many Mylar’s when the weave is opened, the tinsel will be curled and impossible to get to lie flat, you will need one that is easily opened and all the strands of tinsel are straight. The Christmas tree has a great swimming action and needless to say, … Continue reading Christmas tree streamer